All Financial Advisors Should Watch

Documentaries are a very valuable source for learning about a range of topics that typically needs a lot of research. The finance industry is an excellent example of that and media companies are willing to get to shed light on serious issues and educate people on the industry. Although some have gained a reputation recently for having a biased point of view depending on who has made the film, the majority contain simple facts that you can apply to your knowledge about finance. Here are the top 5 documentaries financial advisors must watch.

Inside Job

Widely considered the best finance documentary ever released, Inside Job is a fascinating piece of work that dives in the 2008 financial crash at a whole new angle. A timeline is described on how flawed the economy is, how the housing bubble grew so drastically, how it burst and who’s fault it was. This is helpful for a range of different advisors; if you are just starting out and want to know what not to do in finance this describes it well. Also, if you are very experienced and think you know all there is to the crash, this documentary will find new details for you. A deserved Oscar-winner in 2011 and a must-watch for financial professionals.