Our Services

Our Services

Management Consultancy

We are the consultant(s) who helps organizations to improve their performance, operating primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and the development of plans for improvement.

Organizations today have multiple challenges both external and internal. The pace of technological changes, shift in cultural preferences of clients and employees, demography, changes in laws and regulation are creating challenges for even established players. We help the organizations in mapping out threats and opportunities, so that they are able to thrive in an environment of disruption and take the performance to the next level. We do extensive research and analysis to understand existing organizational problems and create plans to improve, innovate and lead the marketplace.

Management Consultancy Includes:

Business Planning

Research & Assessment

Management Support

Business Setup

Financial Consultancy

We are professional who suggest and render financial services to clients based on their financial situation.

We work with companies or individuals to plan for their financial futures by offering information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments, insurance decisions and cash flow budgeting by doing analysis and finding suitable solution.

Financial Consultancy Includes:

Due Diligence – Need & Option Analysis

Developing complete Financing Plan as per cash flow Budgeting

Identifying suitable Financing Avenues – Financial Feasibility

Market Research

We as a market researcher keep our effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy.

It is important to test the waters before taking the leap. It can help the company in planning resources and judiciously use its capital. We use online and offline surveys, expert opinions, focus groups, market modelling, etc for assessing the viability of business, target market and customers through extensive research. It is the home work which is critical in preparation for success of any business

Market Research:

Market Research for Business Planning

Market Information

Market Segmentation – Demographic Study

Market Trends

Market Research

Digital Marketing & Digital Presence

We use all sorts of digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium

Today we live in Digital world and Digital marketplace. Key to outreach this market is to make presence using various digital media channels. We follow below process to achieve the same.

Digital Marketing & Digital Presence:


Targeting Traffic

Lead Generation

Refine & Optimize

Loan Syndication

Every Organization has different funding need and in today’s complex structures, we find the best suitable option or combination of loan products based on understanding of duration, rate of interest, charges, collateral, ease of operation, disbursal and various other factors which match the best to the borrower’s profile.

Loan Syndication:

SME Loan

Trade Finance

Home Loan

Mortgage Loan

Debt Syndication

Personal Loan

Business Loan

Treasury Products

Structured Products

Investment Banking

Merger & Acquisition

Project Finance

Direct & Indirect Taxation

We act as a tax advisor who puts their efforts in minimizing the tax while remaining compliant with the law in complicated financial situations.

Our professional team stays well-informed of all the changes on tax policies, administration and key judicial pronouncements, thereby recognizing threats and opportunities for providing innovative tax solutions.

Human Resource

We provide cost-effective and customized HR Solution and Services.

Key to success of any growing organization is its staff & team. Our partners have years of experience and knowledge in this field, they are engaged in offering cost-effective and customized HR Solution and Services. As per the precise details provided by you, these services will be delivered within the predetermined expectations and time frame.

Human Resource:

Recruitment and Staffing

Employee Benefits

Compensation and Evaluations.

Training and Development

Employee Incentives


Support Business Functions

We have a network of various domain specific service providers, available for you, under one umbrella to deal with all such needs

Businesses do no work in isolation. Everyday there is some need for some specialized service. We have a network of various domain specific service providers, available for you, under one umbrella to deal with all such needs. Their association with us and our supervision will ensure you of ease of operation and reliability.

Support Business Functions:

Travel Planning and Organizing Conferences

Information and Communication Technology (IT Services)

Administrative and Management Functions

Process Automation

Third Party Compliance

Data Entry

Marketing and Sales Support

Our team covers every possible aspect of sales and marketing function that can be instrumental to revenue and profitability.

The most important function of any business is Sales. We cover every possible aspect of sales and marketing function that can be instrumental to revenue and profitability. We work on data collection to in-depth analysis, strategy to implementation.

Marketing and Sales Support:

Data Collection

Lead Generation

Franchising and Expansions

Distribution and Logistics

Outsourcing / Third Party Services

Our team helps business entities to take strategic decisions, business valuations, risk management, cash flow forecasting, etc. For all “Business Functions” we provide Consultancy , Support and Outsourcing Solutions, not only limited to Finance.

The need of the hour is to let New Businesses, SMEs and other corporate houses to concentrate on their core business and leave their worries of handling the finance & Other support functions to us.

Outsourcing/Third Party Services:

Data Entry (Offline/Online)


Data Conversion / Data Downloading

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable Process (AP/AR)

Bank Reconciliation

Data Analysis

Due Diligence

Compliance Checks/Legal Checks

Consultancy Report

Third Party Verification

Documents Collection

Distributorship Arrangement

Rent Vetting Agreement

Preliminary investigation of corporate as per the standards of Banks

UTL enquiry (Untraceable Location)

Stock Audit

FA Verification & Maintenance of FAR

MIS Management & Controlling

Closure and unwinding of trades through liaison with client & interbank

Corporate Social Responsibility

ISO Certification

Virtual CFO is a concept which has been doing rounds among the corporate sector from the time start-ups started encompassing the Indian market. The idea is to give freedom to new entrants or corporate or subsidiaries of Multinationals to avail the benefits of a professional equivalent to a CFO in terms of experience and exposure at one fourth or one fifth cost. Small groups that have limited budgets or work on borrowed funds or go for seed capital, aspire to utilize the scarce resources specifically for their objective rather than spending it on to hire experienced professionals. To overcome this and various other roadblocks virtual CFO concept has been introduced. The advantages have been enunciated below to give a clearer picture of the idea and why new age start- ups, small organizations or even mid-size corporate sectors should capitalize on the same:

1. The idea gives an opportunity to minimize cost.

2. Financial insight and guidance on all Company decisions and issues.

3. Preparation of budgets and forecasting

4. Overcome challenges by providing professional advice, analysis and support to the management.

5. Highlighting problems keeping recent changes in the market trends.

Cenit Advisory will take the complete ownership of Finance & Accounts of its client under Virtual CFO
concept and help them to take strategic decisions, business valuations, risk management, cash flow
forecasting, etc.